Kamakura Trip

This is my first real post, so please bear with me.

I would recommend Engakuji Temple to anyone visiting Japan

So I visited Kamakura and Kita-Kamakura today. I’ve been before, but I wanted to re-visit it in a different season. It was just as grand and picturesque as I remember it. One small dissapointment was that the path leading up the mountain (rewarding those who persevere with the toils of climbing with a view of Mount Fuji on clear days) seems to have been closed off. As this was probably a highlight of my trip last time, It came as a bit of a blow. On the plus side, there seemed to be some sort of photo-shoot taking place on the grounds featuring a lady in a beautiful Kimono.

A lady poses for photographers in a Summer Kimono

Upon entering we were mobbed by small children, who were obviously tasked with questioning everyone foreign-looking (those Gaijin will never suspect we use children as our spies hahaha etc). They asked us a few questions about our favourite food, our interest in Japan and whether our plan to destroy Japan’s ethical structure with out Western filth was progressing as planned (or not…). After we satisfied their curiosity (they seemed impressed we were English) we were given hand-made paper cranes. Nice thought.

Kamakura’s Hachimangu shrine was more densely populated, particularly on this day with old people and school-children. An old Japanese fellow insisted on being one one of our photos.

He seemed to find it hilarious that he was having his photo taken with us. Closer inspection of the photo today has reassured me that there was indeed nothing on my face.

Have a Better One.



7 thoughts on “Kamakura Trip

  1. Nice work Corky! (Blogging – very self-indulgent) I’d like to see some more of your ‘Blue Steel’ Grattan catalogue photos.

  2. Hi, thanks for liking my post. I lived in Kamakura in 07-08; it remains very dear to my heart. Glad you enjoyed visiting.

    Will be keeping an eye on your blog!

    • I’m glad :-). If you want any tips on where to go (hopefully by then I should fairly clued up) feel free to ask me.

      You’re blog is very good by the way. You seem like a very motivated person.

    • You should definitely go, it’s great. I’m heading down there again soon for the changing leaves and a few of the temples I missed out last time.

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