Flat Search in Central Tokyo

So I went looking for a flat yesterday (I’m in a furnished apartment at the moment in MinamiAoyama). It was a taxing process where the estate agent drove us around in her car looking at different properties. It felt a little bit like Escape to the Country, but without any of the country lark. We were driving around from 9.30 until 4.30 and she even took us for lunch in the middle. We had a fairly good budget to play around with so the areas we viewed happened to be affluent ones. Here’s one of the views we had the option of:

It's like the Eiffel Tower but red and white

As well as this one:

I don't like heights

In the end we favoured a place with a more modest vista in Roppongi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roppongi), staying at the Izumi Garden Residences (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izumi_Garden_Tower). The main reason for this being that it includes a gym membership for the fitness suite located in the building, the rates for which if you are not a resident stand at ¥23,000 a month with a ¥50,000 joining fee (that’s around £190 a month and £410 joining fee). I’d rather eat.

Just a mention for one of the Roppongi buildings we passed on. The gym was located on the 42nd floor, which was surrounded from roof to floor with clear glass. All the treadmills and bikes are at the edge of the room facing over the spread of Tokyo. Terrifying or not, that to me is luxury.

The estate agent was nice enough to inform me that when the falling leaves are burned we may all be irradiated. I’m hoping for a third eye on the back of my head. I’m paranoid like that.

Have a better one.



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