Dream Yosakoi Dance Festival

Last Saturday we travelled to Odaiba for the Dream Yosakoi festival. The composition of the festival was pretty simple – teams from around Japan turn up and dance for the audience. The variety of dancing and music meant that the event remained interesting throughout. From watching, I think some of the acts were put together as a hobby (the age range went right up to senior citizens), whilst others seemed to be professional dance teams that were sponsored by various brands. I think for this one I will let the photos do the talking.

I think the flag bearers were my favourite part

And that’s your lot.

Only a few side notes today. We managed to find an Ikea in Japan and went there on Sunday to buy furniture for the new flat. There was something very freeing about buying our new surroundings from scratch. I’ve always wanted a minimalist living environment, but have never really had the space to do it until now.

Odaiba is a place I would recommend to anyone coming to Japan. It’s an island made entirely of reclaimed land and has some impressive buildings. It’s mainly an entertainment district and comes complete with an artificial beach, which was hosting some sort of beach volleyball tournament on Saturday. There are also several high-end shopping malls and arcades, in which I felt aggrieved to be robbed of my Monkey D. Luffy hat by some cheating grab machine.

Have a better one!



3 thoughts on “Dream Yosakoi Dance Festival

  1. This is one of my favorite festivals (see my blog post 2 years ago http://bartman905.wordpress.com/2009/11/07/dream-yosakoi-festival/). Great pictures, lots of color and action. If you like this type, you should also attend the Super Yosakoi around August held around the Meiji Jingu area.

    Looking forward to seeing more festival blog posts.

    PS. Similar to you, we had an unfurnished Tokyo apartment and had bought most (if not all?) of our furniture at Ikea. I even managed to put them together (and I am not you would call a Handyman)..

  2. Wow, love the costumes and I can just imagine how great it was to watch… Been to Tokyo once and loved it… a shame the big earthquake hit the same week so didn’t see as much as I wanted… though I plan on going back some time.

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