Akihabara Yodobashi Camera

A couple of days ago we went to the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. It wasn’t the first time I had been by any means,but re-visiting it after such a long time away made me realise that it is a marvel of the modern world. It’s a tech-geek’s dream and every conservationist hippie’s little corner of hell. There are eight floors, each bigger than a large Curries or Dixons in England, rammed full with nothing but electronics. If it doesn’t in some way at least combine with an electronic product (iPhone cases for example), then it doesn’t get floorspace. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it anywhere else. The phone case section alone takes up around 7 aisles.

You can buy anything from bargain, to the absolute pinnacle of quality brands. The last time I was there, I was trawling through different types of headphones connected to high-end sound systems. After finding a beautiful mahogany finish pair with brilliant sound, I took them off to look at the price. Only around £1000. It makes you shudder to consider the price of the sound system they would recommend for them. I’m pretty sure my Alba AM/FM radio wouldn’t cut it.

They also just so happen to have an amazing theme song, which blares at you while you spend 6 hours searching for an international plug adaptor.

A word on Akihabara in general then. This is Tokyo’s electronic town. The streets are crammed with shops selling video games, anime, PC hardware, electronic components, and more licentious material. My favourite of the latter being a mouse mat where your wrist is supported by a ladies’ bosom. It really comes into it’s own at night as the building lights are switched on and the neon bathes the streets.

My personal highlight is the Gundam cafe. There is also a cafe exclusively for AKB48, a band originally formed in Akihabara with enormous popularity. I believe the band actually has 48 members, probably so some of them can have a rest as the band, in one form or another, play a gig every single day. And the Japanese still aren’t tired of them!

This one is pretty raunchy for Japan and has an elaborate intro with a small dog. It’s still super sickly sweet when the music kicks in though.

Akihabara is relatively easy to get to being on the Yamanote Line, the backbone of Tokyo’s rail network.

Have a better one!



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