Roppongi – Our New Home

We’ve said our farewells to Aoyama and are now semi-settled in what is to be our home for the next 17 months. The building still impresses in its design and cleanliness. The spacious nature of the rooms is a galaxy away from the apartment we were living in before. I’ve uploaded a video of the place as it was when we moved in.

Walking out of the apartment door, there’s a definite hotel feel to the building. The front desk, complete with bilingual staff, operates 24 hours a day and is reachable via a video phone in the kitchen. The Washington Post is left on tables in the communal areas and there’s that strange vanilla smell present in all the hallways.

The first night was spent on the floor (a few duvets were purchased from Ikea to facilitate this indoor camping). The second day arrived and we were expecting the furniture to arrive from Ikea from 9am until 2pm. The furniture arrived at 3.30pm and carried on arriving until around 4.15pm. So much for our bold designs of having it mostly built by the end of the day. After all the furniture had arrived our task was simple: pop it all together real quick and be in bed for 10pm.



The second night was spent on the floor.

On the Complex

The complex houses many offices and restaurants, a subway station and a gym. Membership of the gym comes as part of the residency agreement . When we went to register we were told that you can rent anything from t-shirts, shirts, towels to swimming trunks. The prospect of slipping a pair of communal Speedos doesn’t really appeal to me.

So far we have visited two of the restaurants in the complex. The first being French-style cuisine at £40ish for two courses and 2 drinks for two people, the second being Balinese and setting us back £30ish for two and a half courses with drinks, also for two people. We also have the reasonably priced Maruestsu supermarket near-by, which comes fitted with a 100 yen shop selling pretty much anything you could ever want for your home. We managed to get several things ranging from bins to a teapot.

Last night we managed to finally get around to setting up the bed. We had finished the whole frame before we realised that a lattice isn’t included to support the mattress.

The third night was spent on the floor.

Hopefully when it’s all over and done with, I will put up pictures of some of the finished products. It really is a marvel the things you can get out of a box.

To Be Continued.



6 thoughts on “Roppongi – Our New Home

  1. Wow, the apartment is quite large… looks nice. New follower… love your photos of Japan in previous blogs…

    • Thanks! I have a lot of temple photos backlogged so will hopefully get them on soon. Good luck with the writing! Trying to write a novel myself at the moment and know it can be hard sometimes…

  2. Congrats! Your apartment is spacious by Japanese standard and u are staying in one of the nicest neighborhood. Do pop by Azabu Juban where there are many interesting eateries. I remember there’s an onsen (but more like a bathhouse to me). I was told it’s the only onsen in Tokyo (from natural source). The hot spring water is brownish though 😛

  3. Yeah compared to the other flats that we saw, this one was quite large. I will have to check out the onsen you recommended as it’s one of the few things I haven’t tried in Japan yet. Thanks!

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