Yasukuni Shrine and Colourful Carp

Two in two days! I have a backlog of photos that I want to put on here and I’m going to be doing other things this week that I will no doubt want to share. If you think I’m going too fast, don’t worry. I never drive faster than I can see, and besides that it’s all in the reflexes. Anyway…

Yasukuni is a controversial shrine as it venerates all of Japan’s war dead, including those classified by certain countries as war criminals. Currently there are 2,466,000 names listed in its Symbolic Registry of Divinities who are protected for their efforts on behalf of the emperor. In the past it was the only place to which the emperor bowed, although since 1978, no Japanese emperor has visited, likely for reasons of international and political harmony.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Nippon Budokan is right across the river from this temple. Anyone up on their Beatles knowledge will probably be able to tell you that they were the first rock band to play here, such was their popularity, despite protests from some quarters that it would defile an arena used mainly for martial arts.

Around the back of the shrine is a building which I believe was a Kendo school in the past. Here I found a picturesque garden complete with a pond, which was brimming with carp. There was a vending machine which dispensed fish food, which I bought. This is the reason for the frenzied nature of the carp in the photos. Greedy little things.

Enjoy the photos.

Had our first Japanese at home lesson today. I was nervous but the tutor was very nice and seemed surprised at the extent of our prior knowledge.

The next post will likely relate to my trip to Kamakura, so stay tuned!

Have a better one!



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