Kamakura Revisited Part 2: Kencho-ji Temple

As I followed the path a little more I came upon what seemed to be the peak of the mountain. To the right of me was a wooden viewing platform. When I made my way to it, I immediately knew where I was.

Kencho-ji temple was to be my next port of call and to find it through an otherwise random excursion was no small relief. The temple had been the one that had stood out from my previous visit as the most impressive. From the viewing platform I could see the temple to my right and the Kamakura shoreline to my left. Far right should have been the famous mount Fuji, but unfortunately its nickname of ‘the illusive mountain’ proved apt as it remained shrouded behind a sheet of cloud.

As I made my way down the many many stairs to the temple I saw a few of the Karas (crow) Tengu statues scattered around the seemingly untamed outcrop of rocks.

At the bottom there are three impressive wooden structures leading to a larger temple, which seems to still house some Buddhist followers. The temple is framed on either side by a beautiful garden and an opulent golden gate. Two of the three other wooden buildings house model Buddhas, the third in line serving merely as an entranceway.

In part 3 I will go over the few scattered temples I saw on my way back to the station.

Now I’m off to paint a moustache on my left hand – his name is Albert – as he said he feeling pretty naked without one and, being a hand, finds it difficult to grow any hair around there.

It’s nice to have Albert to talk to as I was starting to worry that my lack of human contact during the day might be making me a bit weird…

Have a better one!

Chris (& Albert)


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