Rikugi-en at Night: Leaves Illumination

We visited Rikugi-en park on Thursday night and we were able to get some really attractive photographs. The concept of the event is that the staff set up several lights throughout the park and, when the night rolls in, they turn them on and illuminate the changing leaves. There’s a really interesting contrast of the reds, yellows and greens set-off against the night’s sky.

In other news: The stuff we had on the shipping container is finally being delivered tomorrow. It has been a long time in the journey, but maybe it will add a homely feel to the flat.

We found a new supermarket in Azabu juban called Nissin. It’s meant to be an international supermarket, but it tailors more to the American audience with an abundance of BBQ wing sauce and Hershey’s Chocolate. The real bonus point of this supermarket is the alcohol section on the upper floor. I have honestly never seen so many bottles of wine/spirts/beer in one place. I almost shed a little tear when I saw that they had Sailor Jerry’s Rum.

Now that we have finally settled I am going to start looking for a part-time job in teaching. I think will apply to somewhere like Gaba, as the really important factor for me is to have a flexibility of hours.

Also I think we are going to look into groups or something as a means to meet people, as without at least a few contacts you do feel a little disjointed from the whole. There’s no fun in being a Gaijin without solidarity.



4 thoughts on “Rikugi-en at Night: Leaves Illumination

  1. Great night photos… It must be scary being in a new place and not knowing too many people, but also adventurous.

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  3. Lovely shots! Rikugien Night Leaves 4 – stunning.
    And I’ve never seen the pond with such a mirrorlike surface…the turtles must be hibernating already.

    Lots to enjoy if you’re going to be in Tokyo over New Year 🙂

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