Kamakura 3: The Temples that Remained

I’ve been meaning to kill this one off for a while but my apathy got the better of me. On the way back from the afore-featured temple there were one or two less-known temples/shrines. They weren’t grand or opulent, but they had a quaint charm and a sense of solitude that you would never get at the more popular tourist nets. I don’t remember their names – that sort of thing is never that important to me when wandering – but if you head down the hill from Zozoji temple, towards Kita-Kamakura station, they are on your left.

And so it was at these temples that I was able to get a few shots of the path less trodden. Well, I suppose everything is relative after all.

Lots of things arrived off of the boat at about the same time as we ordered a lot of new electronic products (the whole voltage difference is a real pain). Welcome to the maze of cardboard.

I think we are going to visit the Christmas illuminations this weekend. Despite the special buzz that you get from moving to a new place, there is a distinct lack of seasonal cheer to be had around here. Hopefully we can generate some by dazzling ourselves with pretty lights. Stage two will be to marathon Scrooged, Peter and the Wolf, A Muppet Christmas Carol and Gremlins.

Humans are habitual creatures and there are certain times of the year for us that have become imbued, despite the fact that the origin and supposed importance of the season has been all but swallowed up by greed and consumerism, with special significance.

Do we, as people, need a special day or two to punctuate the year?



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