A Trick of the Light

I don’t know what makes a good photograph.

I did an elective a university and was taught a little about the process of taking a good photograph. The teacher would click through slides and occasionally comment on the technique used.

“Here is a picture of a naked woman in black and white, notice how the photographer has placed focus on the torso” Don’t we all?.

“Here we have an example of Avant-Garde photography” Is that dog pissing on a birthday cake?

And so on. In the end I just got my friends to dance around with sparklers while I manually held the exposure for a couple of seconds.

I understand that the Rule of Thirds does seem to make for some aesthetically pleasing photographs but it is a technique I rarely employ. All I can ever really hope for is that the photograph is a true representation of the scene I am trying to capture. On the odd occasions that the photograph surpasses or distorts the reality into something ethereal, I am extremely happy.

At one of the temples I visited recently, the combination of the setting sun and a nearby bonfire made for some pretty interesting looking photographs. I have also tacked on a few photos from that trip which stood out.

The various Christmas illuminations are still on the to-do list. We have a tree now at least. It’s a little pathetic looking, but comes pre-decorated with tinsel, baubles and lights. We simply had to insert a pole up the middle and hey presto we have a ready-made tree. Convenience is truly a marvellous thing.

We were also able to pick up some of the most beautiful Christmas cards I had ever seen. Imagine those rose tinted, warm by the iron fireplace, Victorian living room scene cards but with a little more class. Our Christmas saviour was none other than the ridiculously resourceful Loft. The best way to describe this little grotto is to compare it to the toy shop in Home Alone 2, such is the splendour of the cornucopia of beautiful trinkets and toys available. I think in theory it is meant to be a stationary shop, although it toes the line on pretty much every side possible.

I hope I didn’t oversell it.

Have a better one!



2 thoughts on “A Trick of the Light

  1. Thanks! Yeah that one is my favourite too.

    I’m not sure to be honest. I do have a frontal of him though. His bulgy eyes are kind of creepy. I think his back is his better side 🙂

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