In the Space of a Month

In the space of a month Japan has changed. Red, yellow and orange have given way to murky greys and browns. The vibrant sunlight has stepped aside to be replaced by stark clear days pushed along by a cutting wind. In my opinion both have their own charms. See what you think.

As the name suggests, these photos were taken a month apart in the same location, that location being Aoyama graveyard.

I’ve done the pictures on an alternating basis. Hopefully the contrast is clear anyway.

I have nothing else to say except that the Japanese affinity for offal (or ‘motsu’) is a little disturbing. I already have a problem with a lack of lean meat in Japan, and now the bits no-one else will eat seem to be seen as a type of delicacy. I know that generally a delicacy is something one wouldn’t usually eat and is more a representation of your social standing than anything else, but who the hell wants to eat cartilage?

Have a better one!



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