Mount Takao

Today is the first time I would describe the Tokyo weather as awful. Up until now the winter days have been clear if a little dull and fresh if a little chilly. Today we’ve had both snow and rain thrown at us, and the dark clouds overhead seem prophetic of more of the same. It’s just like being home.

Thankfully last weekend provided us with the sort of Winter weather we have become accustomed to and we headed off to Mount Takao. This location had been recommend to us by various sources so we decided to give it a try. I was interested also, as the mountain is historically associated with the Tengu, mythical creatures which usually make for interesting Grotesques.

The mountain stands just shy of 600 metres and we decided to set off from the bottom (it is possible to get a cable car half of the way up). The climb was surprisingly steep and I had soon removed my coat. The vista is pretty impressive and I came away feeling glad that I had made the effort. Despite this, the train journey was a bit of a bore, due in a large part to the fact that long journeys travelled sideways are quite disorientating and in this case, prevented me from reading my book.

At the top there is a viewing area from which we saw, despite the few scraps of devious cloud, Mount Fuji. On the return journey we decided to experience the cable car, despite my slight inclination to have my legs carry me down at pace. I’ve always loved the feeling that my legs are moving of their own volition.

Talking of will – mine’s just croaked it.

Have a better one!



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