Snow in Central Tokyo

After the recent foul weather, we have been appeased by a bout of snow. We’ve been told that this is somewhat of a rarity in Tokyo. Although the snowfall – accompanied by flashes of lightning – was brief, the intensity of it was such that we still got an inch or two. I took a few photos from the balcony.

Just a few musings I have been having of late. First of all, I am not sure if it is because I am a bit old before my time, but I have come to despise the majority of modern music. This was hammered home recently when, on having my MP3 player’s battery die on me during a stint at the gym, I was forced the take in the music being played in the studio. The surprising thing here being that the gym I attend plays classical music in the changing rooms. Unfortunately all that changes when you step into the studio. It’s easy to accuse popular music (especially RnB) of puerility. I can only imagine a pre-pubescent boy would get a kick out of a song that starts “Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, ass, show me that motherxxxxxxx ass” (and carries on in this way for most of the song). Also on my ‘when is the rapture again?’ list is the disguised TV advert jingle Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. Better they had stayed nigh on forgotten in my childhood recollections of crap music, especially if they are going to replace song lyrics with strange yodelling sounds. Obviously this is all personal preference and is slightly subjective, except for the ass song, which is so bad it has been scientifically proven to cause aneurysms.

Secondly, I am borderline fond of the Japanese interview system. Gone are the ridiculous questions such as: ‘If you were a jumper, what material and colour would you be’ (grey with a splash of red), ‘If you had to stop World hunger, how would you do it’ (with food), and my personal favourite: ‘Can give me an example of when you have overcome obstacles in the workplace’ (Oh I just need to consult my personal achievements diary, oh wait actually, at my last position there was a gentleman who showed more potential than I for promotion. I killed him with a protractor, had a face graft and assumed his identity. Does that count?). The questions here deal directly with the important matters, such as experience, why you want to (teach), why you came to Japan, why you think you would be a good (teacher) etc. It’s really refreshing actually to be questioned on my suitability for the job, rather than how much bull I can spiel out in a set amount of time. Having lived in England, I actually had some bull prepared, but I didn’t need it. I have been offered on position in mid-February and, having only had the interview yesterday evening, am waiting for a response on the second.

Have a better one.



4 thoughts on “Snow in Central Tokyo

  1. congrats on the job. Its odd hearing people talk about it snowing in japan. Where i live we usually have a few feet of snow by now, but somehow managed to get very little snow.

  2. I also agree, that I’ve heard it hardly snow in Japan, except for the Hokkaido region, but the site of the snow in Tokyo, looks beautiful, in my opinion anyways.

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