Plum Blossoms and off to Kyoto


This is just going to be another short post. Last weekend we went to a Japanese park where the plum trees were beginning to blossom and I get some pretty attractive photos.

The park are also doing genetic experiments with fossils, in some way genetically engineering dinosaur eggs from their DNA found in long dead mosquitoes. It all sounds pretty safe to me.

Tomorrow we go to Kyoto for a week. I’m really looking forward to it, as the last time we went was really great.

Had a good lesson yesterday with a guy that was really enthusiastic about Sci-Fi films. I wish we could have spent the entire 40 minutes talking about BladeRunner and Existentialism, rather than go through the admittedly practical yet dull business English textbook. Speculating on the content of a meeting isn’t the most riveting of topics. Although, I knew it was time to move on when he started talking about the Transformers films. I think Transformers is for for film critique discussion, what a photo of your parents on the bedside table would be for your sex life.

Anyway, hopefully I will be able to take lots of great pictures and share them with you on here. See you in a week!

Have a better one!



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