Under Neon Loneliness

It is 10pm and you have just finished at the office. Your head aches from too much coffee and you’re on the down from an over-the-counter drink that claimed to contain ‘Human Power’. Your stomach feels as if it is in the grasp of a powerful clenched fist. You shouldn’t have skipped lunch. Now you will have to pick up a microwaveable meal from the convenience store on the way home. Your mouth tastes of cigarette butts and the prophecy of another virus. You haven’t left the building for the duration of the day and you squint against the light as you exit. Not sunlight of course, but the humming, invasive curiosity of a neon promenade.

In recent news, I accidentally deleted all of my music off of my computer. As most will know, in this day and age, deleting music from your computer means deleting the likely only version of your music. Rather than distressing, I actually found it quite cathartic – that was until I realised that it was all backed-up somewhere on an external drive. Not even irretrievable loss has any meaning now-a-days.


If you don’t get the relevance of the title – below is the link to the song, possibly one of the greatest ever:
Motorcycle Emptiness


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