The Mist and the Haze

I have been taking photos on and off for a while now without doing anything with them. I’ve eventually gotten around to picking the ones I like and putting them on here. A common theme – as is the common theme in Tokyo at the moment – is the presence of mist or a smothering Summer haze.

Worth a mention here is the ubiquitous presence of the cicada chorus. For flying shiny cockroaches, those guys can generate some serious noise! I’ve read a lot of books that use the cicadas as indicative of the Summer season, and I am starting to see why. There’s nowhere you can go, including the heart of the major metropolises, without hearing them harping out some rhythm or other. The Japanese told me the onomatopoeia for the noise they make, but I have already forgotten it. In my opinion it didn’t really do it justice anyway.

Here’s a video I found to give you a taste:

I am going off home for a week on Friday, followed by a stint in Singapore – where I am assured I will burn/melt alive – and Malaysia. Hopefully I will find some interesting things to share with you there.



4 thoughts on “The Mist and the Haze

  1. you are right, Singapore is very very hot right now (my cousin just came back from there)……better be ready for it with ice water in your water bottle! Have a safe trip there and to Malaysia!

    Cicadas are awesome! I use to fall asleep on the couch in the living room while listening to their chorus =)

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