Tokyo Game Show 2012

Whilst the heyday of my computer game playing has long gone, I still thought that while I was in Japan I should try and experience the spectacle of the TGS, the biggest game show in arguably the home of video games.

It certainly was an experience. We arrived a little after it had opened and were immediately shocked at the amount of people that had already arrived. We were ushered into one of several queues that were then called in order of when they were allowed to enter the venue (two sizeable exhibition halls). When we were finally called up and our battery of chickens surged forward, we were directed to a foreigner only checking station. The purpose of this is unknown to me.

Anyway, the fair was chock-full of game publishers, many of which I had never heard of, as well as their slightly eccentric, adoring fans. They had what you would expect from this type of event, ‘booth babes’, concerts, trailers and stations where you could test some of the games. Sony’s section was particularly impressive, offering a host of games, some soon to be out and others still in beta. One thing you may not have expected was a live wrestling ring.

We had chance to play on three or four games, which were picked totally on the condition of the waiting times (some games had a 90 minute queue). Some of the games we had no idea about. I played a game called Dust 514 for example, which the developer informed me was part of the EVE series. When he asked me: “are you an EVE player?” I responded No I usually play on the day. Oh the terrible ones are always the best.

Unsurprisingly, the scantily clad ladies there to promote the games received the most attention, especially the one that was revealing rather a lot of cleavage (a feminists dream, this event was). On passing behind one of the photographers, my wife noticed that he (always he) had actually just taken a photo of her breasts, omitting anything above the shoulders. Oh the repressed Japanese male, such a good value species (I should mention here that my wife took all photos of the ladies as I didn’t feel comfortable doing it).

New York post coming soon.




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