Kuala Lumpur

This will be the first of three blogs to cover my recent trip to the aforementioned and Bali. The reason for this is that I spent my time in Bali in two separate locations, each of which had its own charm and fill to see. It is probably worth mentioning that Bali, with one or two small detractions, is probably the best place I have been to. It’s a really great location, not only for a holiday, but I imagine, also as a place to live for a while. I have, however, seen as many bloody monkeys as I think I would ever like to see. So you can look forward to a few photos of the little devils in this and the following posts.

Kuala Lumpur, as my first port of call, and serving really as an extended waylay much in the way we used Singapore on our last visit to Malaysia, is another city defined by its contrasting multiculturalism and distribution of wealth over urban and suburban areas. The centre, dominated by the impressive Petronas Towers is a modern marvel that is testament to the industry of many in their purpose to give Kuala Lumpur a truly iconic structure, as well as a place that still seems to act as a hub for the majority of tourism in the city.

Our hotel – The Traders , which faced the towers and was only separated by a picturesque park that many used for running, was a very impressive establishment with a rooftop pool and a gym. It also provided the best buffet-style breakfast I have ever eaten. There was everything from fresh fruit, sushi and cereal to curry, omelettes and even a chocolate fountain.

The city itself and the locals were very pleasant (more so, I would say, than Singapore) and the service was generally very good, especially in retailers. The service in restaurants was a little less consistent and doesn’t really rank with Japan in terms of politeness or attentiveness. The quality of food, on the other hand, is probably a notch or two higher. A visit to some of the suburban areas is certainly a very interesting, and in other ways, humbling experience that I would recommend if you can withstand the somewhat indomitable heat. All I can say is – be prepared to sweat quite a lot.

In terms of attractions, the main two worth mention were the Batu Caves, which were actually still a little disappointing considering the distance travelled to get to them, and an aviary that was pretty expansive.

On a side note, I watched the movie Looper a second time while I was killing some time on the last day and I noticed that it had been cut in a peculiar way from the original I had seen in New York. Whilst the censorship board seemed quite happy to allow drug use, violence and dis-figuration, they were unwilling to show the full version of a scene where a duplicitous prostitute strokes the hair of the main character (a scene which had meaning later in the movie). I’m not going to pass judgement, as to do so would no doubt draw into focus my total ignorance of the religion and moral codes of other cultures. All I can say is that I think it is nonsense and completely anachronistic. The movie is great though, so check it out.



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