Bali 1 – Bingin Beach

After Kuala Lumpur we moved on to the South of Bali, to a hotel on the edge of a bluff, facing Bingin Beach. The views were incredible and we had our first real taste of the perpetual relaxing atmosphere that seems to ooze from every one of Bali’s pores.

We kept the activities at this stage to a minimum. In fact we spent the majority of our time doing yoga each morning (which I really enjoyed, much to my surprise) outside with the occasional bee or chicken wandering by, eating incredibly healthy foods and having massages. Yes, It was incredible. As was the room coincidentally, which had a generous outer lounge area (with our own pool!), an open-air shower and an amazing looking bed. To get the attention of the owner we had to hit a gong. On a couple of occasions we were sat for our dinner at the edge of the bluff with a few lanterns, which was a pretty unique experience, the sound of the waves a constant.

One of the first things that I noticed about Bali was that the food was on another level to all of the countries I have been to before. It’s unpretentious, fresh and incredibly cheap. There was also so much fruit ad veg that I was spoilt for choice (a problem I never have in Japan). I think I’d become a completely new person after a couple of months with that diet and my adjusted (in a way that added at least two hours extra a night) sleep pattern. The sun came up and we woke up, the sun started to go down and our yawns dawned in synchronicity.

We were warned about the monkeys when we arrived, but we were still to have a taste of their mischief towards the end of the holiday. We had been informed that they would steal anything they could get their hands on. Assuming this to mean anything edible or shiny, we left our shoes and books by our loungers while we took a dip in the pool. On seeing a monkey emerging over the wall, I made to go and fetch my shoes, just in case. The instant I began to move, the monkey darted for my shoes and took one, retreating to the edge of the cliff. It was only my chasing him whilst shouting expletives that caused him to fumble and drop my shoe over what I assumed to be, the edge of the cliff. Luckily an outcrop of cement intended for growing flowers had prevented this. The monkey made one last charge for the shoes and me, his teeth bared and arms flailing, but a quick motion of a swipe put the wind up him, and he retreated. Never let it be said that monkeys are cute, innocent animals. They are calculating, vindictive and have the cruelty of small children (with sharper bloody teeth).

You may notice there is somewhat of a canine theme in the photos. As with most things, there is no deep hidden significance – it’s just a coincidence.



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