Tokyo Wanderings 1

Japan, when you consider the parts of it that are actually habitable, is actually a rather small place. The central area of Tokyo, likewise, is relatively small when you consider its population. Admittedly, it works because of the brilliant social structures, the general rule abiding populace and an amazing transport system. Otherwise it would be a reign of chaos only seen at a molecular level.

One positive to this diminutive build-able mass is that, rather than build outwards, the Japanese are forced to build up, giving us those amazing skyscrapers. The main benefit I want to mention today, however, is the availability of so many unique places that are, by necessity, crammed next to the hum drum of city life. I’m talking about anything from shrines, old fashioned houses that are winning the battle with time, quaint little delicatessens and compact but pretty parks.

Last weekend, by simply wondering around our very local area in a couple of hours we were able to discover an inordinate amount of places that we didn’t even know existed. This gave me the idea that I would start to document these little curios on here with photos. This is the first of those.


I’ve heard it mentioned that many people in Japan recommend wearing adult nappies when going to New York during New Year´s Eve as there are so few public toilets. This not only highlights the serious problem with amenities in that city, but also gives pause for thought on general human evolution. Is it OK to pee yourself, even in a nappy? Of course it’s OK in the sea, but…



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