Tokyo Wanderings 3

Here are a few more photos I have that are just from wandering around Tokyo. I’m going to Busan on Sunday, so maybe I will be able to share some interesting photos with you from there when I get back. It’s also cherry blossom time here, so expect some photos of that at some point.

Just to give you a bit of background information on these photos: Happy Science is a new religion that believe (like the majority of the new religions in Japan) that their leader is the reincarnation (or can channel in this case) of all the messiahs (Jesus, Buddha and that other guy), and that because of this you should donate a hell of a lot of money to them and join the club. Some of the other new religions believe that if women truly believe in their cause, they will need no pain relief whilst giving birth, and should therefore opt out. Happy Science has been heavily linked with Aum, who carried out the Sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway.

The shrine was the cause of a great fire in the past. Because of this they have a statue to represent each victim of that fire (there are many).

Yes, that is a rice vendor. I think it was 1.5kg for a thousand yen or something. I was happy as it is the first one I have seen.

We both feel a little in flux at the moment, not knowing whether we will be in Japan for another month or another year before returning home. As with every process that you wish could be finished and wrapped up quickly, it is taking an age to get any kind of answer. It’s gotten to the point where the both of us would just like a simple yes or no.

If we do move back, it will probably be to London, rather than the city we left from.

What will I miss about Tokyo, should we be forced to leave? The lack of tipping culture, the weather, the cleanliness, the transport system, the ability to travel around Asia easily and the little traditional secrets that seem to be hidden in the shadow of every imposing skyscraper.

What won’t I miss? The hordes, the high prices, the food, the entire world pretending that Japanese people are innately more polite than their international counterparts, the soul-sucking vacuum that is the absolute belief in the business culture, the high-pitched squeals of girls and women alike, the sickly-sweet service culture (this started out as a bit of a novelty but now I just wish they would relax and give their face muscles a rest) and the snooty rich which seem to be everywhere in this area.

The weight (if not the number) of the pros is still greater than that of the cons, and we would like to stay but, as I said, an answer either way would put us out of our misery at this point.



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